Portfolio Analytics Platform

Measure, Monitor & Manage Your Portfolio's Risk, Performance & Exposure - The Most Dynamic And Complete Portfolio Analytics Tool On The Planet!


Fully Customizable

Every Aspect can be customized to meet your needs

Dynamic Analytics and Reporting Solutions

All aspects of investment management, such as risk, performance, exposure and attribution can be included

Portfolio Builders

See how changing manager allocations impacts your exposures and performance

Advanced Visualization

We utilize the most up-to-date visualization techniques to help you better understand your portfolio

Experienced Insdutry Professionals

Backed by HFR’s 20+ years of experience in data management, Indexation and Portfolio Analytics

Emerging Manager Solution

HFR PortfolioScope offers a specific platform dedicated to emerging managers at less than $1500 per month

Demo Video - Check Out Some Of Our Cool Features:

Demo Tool - Play With Our Baseline Analytics Platform:

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